Nerves and Stressors

stressedI’m beginning to think these are the same things.  I get stressed about things that make me nervous.  For instance, I’m nervous about a half marathon coming up this weekend.  Oddly, I am not stressed about the actual running it is more about the weather.  This weekend it was predicting cold and rainy on Sunday and since I will be driving 2 hours to get there and spending the weekend I was overwhelmed with nerves.  What do I take?  What do you run in?  When I have run in the rain in the past it has been close to home and if I get uncomfortable, I just go home.  But that is not something that can happen with this event.  It’s a race! 

Then I started thinking maybe I should just go buy out the store for rain apparel but I’ve never run in that and I am not sure I want to run a race in new stuff.  Especially when it is a half marathon, if it was shorter race than wearing something new would not be that big of a deal.

So I stress, I have nerves, and I try to figure things out…

The good thing is I am finding this stress motivating.  Tonight I ran the fastest training run I have run to date.  It was only 3.41 miles but I pushed myself.  I did it knowing that my race on Sunday is much longer and that I would never be able to keep this pace (7:41 per mile) for 13.1 miles but I knew I needed to get it out there.  I needed to push past the same old training run of improving only a few seconds at a time.  I loved when my other half said, “are you hitting a new level?!”  Because is some respects I am.  I’m listening better to my body.  I’m pushing myself to get the most and trying to not push myself to getting hurt. stressed1

In work and every day I am trying to do the same thing.  I am setting better boundaries and not letting uncontrollable things control my mood.  I have days I’m in a funk but finding it a little easier to get out.  I am also not as hard on myself about things.  I think we should all do this.  Learn from me, don’t repeat my same mistakes!

PS – I just checked the weather for this weekend and it seems to be getting better and the chance of rain is leaving.   Here is hoping it waits until the race is over!