A Resolution…

resolution2A couple of months ago I decided that I would try something new, let’s call it a new resolution.  I wanted to make a commitment to keep running by entering more races in fact at least one a month until my full marathon in April.  I find when I have a race coming up I stay motivated to do more running.  Also I find that as I run more races, I become less stressed at the beginning and more relaxed during the race.  My second decision was to sign up for a running club.

First things first, since making the new commitment I have completed races in September, two in October, signed up for a Turkey Trot in November and a Jingle Bell race in December.  Now I just need to find a race in January (can you say Burrrrr), February (anyone know a good valentines race?), and then there is March (I am guessing it will be some kind of St. Patrick’s day race).  I would say that I am right on track with the race thing and it seems to be working.  Make things happen, concept words

So now there is the running club.  Well I am all signed up and I am excited about joining them but that is where it has ended.  I am not a morning person and right now the only people I know in the group have a schedule that they run on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Sounds great right, sounds like Yeah, I finally have some people I can run with.  But here is the part I left out, they run at 7 am in the morning.  What?!  The weekends are for sleeping in and besides it’s getting cold in New England and I like for the sun to warm the air up a little bit (okay a lot a bit) before I get out there and run.  Not to mention that the sun is barely even up at 7am!  So now I’m in a quandary, I want to join them but what I really want to do is find someone who will run at a reasonable time on the weekend who might like their sleep.  So I will still keep looking and keep training on my own because I seem to be doing pretty good by myself.

Which makes me think about resolutions and how we often write these down and say “this is what I’m gonna do”.  Which is great, right?!  But I am not sure we give ourselves some space to allow these decisions/resolutions to have a life of their own.  I mean I could stop now and just be resolution3frustrated that my running club has not really done what I want it to do.  But really, I haven’t given it a chance.  I mean really I’ve been in this club about 3 weeks now, have only been to one event and I know that it is race season so I have not even met all the people in it.  I need to put in a little more effort.  Maybe that’s why resolutions fail so easily.  We want to make the change but do we want to put in the energy to really make the changes necessary?  I know I do.  So now I’m reaching out to others I have met along this journey of running and seeing how I can get the help I want/need to run a better marathon.  I’m reading more about training.  I’m trying different things and just this weekend I ran almost 20 miles between Saturday and Sunday (which is totally new!)  Amazingly enough my overall resolution of being better prepared for my next marathon is coming true.  So my resolution is not gone it is just molding into something else and developing into a better result.

Do you make resolutions or goals that are not what you thought in the beginning?  Have they turned out better?resolution

7 thoughts on “A Resolution…

    • I like the article and think it has great points. I have always enjoyed my moments with my family and find it easier to enjoy those moments if I am taking care of myself. For me taking an hour to do something for myself makes my child interactions better. I don’t feel like they cover the fact that we all have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. I think we as parents can all be child centric parents while taking care of ourselves. Thanks for sharing the article.

      • I’m not sure why the sequence matters, just that there is the best possible focus on each when there is each. Perhaps the findings point to putting children first as a form taking care of self mentally and emotionally, i.e. parenting is not the same as “caregiving” for an ill person. I think the findings in the article must relate to situations where there is a choice with opportunity cost, which does not sound like your situation. And I doubt your situation is the same as that of many clients someone in your field may see. There are individual differences that bring some out of alignment with a study population, to be sure. I am able to move things around in my schedule, and rise very early. Yet I also utilize an adaptive training approach to multi-disciplinary physical conditioning and sport / art. This helps a lot.

      • Really it all comes down to balance for me. My daughter will tell you that I was a child centric mom but really in everything I did I got a lot out of it for myself. I’m glad you are able to find a good balance. Thanks again for sharing.

  1. Yep, I think I understand your words. I think what you’re saying is in line with putting your child first given that whatever good we do for ourselves affects our children (and others too) because the bond is a living, continual one with and without physical presence. If we purpose goodness for the relationship when physically not visible to the person, the recharge has a connected meaning for who we are. I like Rabbi Kushner’s discussion of our identity being defined within the community of family and one’s people. I believe the recharge we get when physically away from our close ones is not because we’re away from them, but because we’re able to recollect within ourselves a fuller understanding of who we are in relationship to them through a time of absence or fasting from closeness for a short time. Perhaps this also touches a greater context, one that goes to ultimate questions. How transportive running can be in that.

  2. I resolve to complete my goals…does that make sense? I love that you get less stressed in races. I haven’t yet. Well, not on long distances, but definitely on the shorter 5-10kms! So that’s progress! Congratulations!

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