Overcoming the hardest step…

bedThis morning I was laying in bed and I was looking for my mojo/motivation.  I knew today was going to be the calmest (meaning no real wind) weekend day and that if I wanted to get in an outdoor run I should probably get up and do it.  But it was hard!  Okay it wasn’t really hard.  There was no one sitting on me or holding me back from getting up.  So in saying it was hard is more that I couldn’t make the first step, the hardest step, to get out of the warm covers and walk out the door, well after getting dressed in warm running clothes because it was freezing outside (literally the temp was 32 degrees!).  It is amazing though once you get out there, pounding the pavement, how it feels good and I begin to relax even though it took a little bit to feel warm and feel my fingers again! 

I find this true with other things in life too.  The first step is always the hardest.  Making a change or sometimes even just making that phone call you need to make is difficult.  So how do we do it?  How do we push through?  Well I do it with more positive self talk.  I think about the outcome and the best possible thing that can happen from it if I just get started and even at times think about the worst possible outcome because really I know it will never be the best of the best or the worst of the worst it will be somewhere in the middle.

Like today and my run for example.  I have been having some pain in my right leg and I was wondering if it was from the treadmill runs lately and that maybe I pushed too much in my training last weekend.  So I wanted to go outside and stretch it out.  So my thoughts while in my warm bed were, “if it starts to hurt too much than you can turn around and come home.  You need to get out there and give it a try”.  As well as the best possible, “it could really feel great, it will give you a chance to test your pace work that has been happening on the treadmill, and how nice will it be to have the sun beating down on your face and breathing that cool crisp fall air!”  The outcome was really in the middle.  It felt pretty good still some achy pain in the leg, it felt slow (but in all actuality it was an 8:22 pace so pretty fast), I was able to get 4.26 miles in, the sun felt great, I got my first morning run in a long time and in the end I felt/feel accomplished and in a positive mood.  step

So the good news is that even though the first step may feel like the hardest really it is just that mental block that we have to push through because on the other side I can guarantee are some wonderful rewards!