observation1As I am immersed in the month of gratefulness (through my choice) I am spending time in my days to observe and be more aware of my surroundings in almost everything I do.  As I clean the house (I know fun right) I noticed the pattern that the vacuum cleaner puts in the carpet and attempt to make something so monotonous a little more fun, like can I do the living room without leaving footprints (the answer is no). 

This of course translates over into my running.  I was able to get two outdoor runs in this weekend in somewhat less than ideal conditions and really found it hard to get started on both days due to weather (you can read about it here Overcoming the hardest step…)  But once I was out there I was able to make some interesting observations.  Now that I no longer listen to music I can hear so much more and feel so in tune with the world.  When I listen to my feet, I can make them sound lighter.  I can hear when I am favoring leg over the other and this helps me to adjust my steps. observation2

I also find myself really looking at things closer as I run by.  Noticing things better and sometimes putting words into people’s mouths when I see them staring at this crazy woman running by in the rain like “doesn’t she know it’s raining” and me answering “yep and it feels pretty good because I need to cool off”.  (Nothing like having a conversation with yourself which is common for me but at least here I get to have other players in my conversations.)

observationToday these observation skills came in handy when I saw someone making a u turn on a dead end street and I noticed something on the back of the car.  As I approached the car I held my hand up to make him stop.  As he did, I was able to retrieve his cane off the back of his car and hand it to him.  He was so appreciative and was so glad I made this observation and was able to help him out.  Without taking the time to look around I might not have noticed this moment and this gentleman might have gotten home without a much needed accessory to help him.

These observations have helped my gratitude.  They have helped me be aware of my thoughts, actions and emotions.  I’m attempting to live in the moment, observe the little things and try not to get ahead of myself.

How can we all slow down and be aware of our surroundings?  How can you be a better observer and feel more grateful?  Give it a try this week and you might be able to help someone out in the process.observation3