Gratitude 101

gratitude9Living in gratitude is difficult.  Okay for me it’s not as difficult as it once was but I am reminded daily by my wonderful clients how not normal my life of gratitude is, which by the way I think it is pretty normal.  I have talked before about my gratitude journey (see here My year of gratitude) and how I developed this “attitude of gratitude”(no I was not just born with it, it took some work!). 

I thought I would take some time to pass on the pointers that I share with my clients on a daily basis.

1)      It takes baby steps to get there but the way to begin is to begin! gratitude7

2)      I spend some time each morning making a list of three things I am grateful for.  I attempt to not repeat myself at all during the week which often takes some major creativity if it is an off week.  (Side note: if you struggle staying in the day with things you are grateful, you are allowed to say the big things like family, kids, a job but I encourage you to branch out in those big things and find specific moments of gratitude.  Like “I’m grateful for spending the hour talking to my daughter on the long car ride home”)

3)      When I struggle during the day I think back to the three things I listed in the morning and most of the time they give me a reminder of things not being so bad.

4)      At the end of the day I try to reflect on my day with this “attitude of gratitude” and find something I learned big or small that can motivate my attitude/make me feel like all the hard work of the day was worth it.

See that wasn’t so bad.  Being grateful takes work but really the hardest part is just beginning.  Once you get in the habit of being thankful you will find it easier and you might find that it will change your thoughts and outlook on life.  Now get to work and BE GRATEFUL!!!!

Have you ever tried to live a life of gratitude?  How did it go?  What are your pointers to help someone who suffers from ungratefulitis?Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North America