The Best Medicine…

laughterIt’s laughter.  You thought I was gonna say running, didn’t you?  Well that is a great daily vitamin but really laughter is the best medicine.  I try to make it part of my life on a daily basis but often it gets lost along with my smile especially when I feel overwhelmed.  But really this is when I/we should be trying our best to smile and/or laugh.

Yesterday, I felt like crap.  (I can say that right, this is my blog!)  Well I woke up and struggled to swallow and my head was congested.  For some this would be the opportunity to call work and let them know that you will be taking a sick day.  For me, that is not an option.  No work, no pay!  Not a fun aspect of my job either.  Anyway, off I went armed with my hand sanitizer, green tea, and trying not to think about how crappy I felt.  I made it through my day and was even thankful when my last client of the day had to reschedule for today (insert first real smile of the day cause I got to go home early).  I know, I know, get to the medicine part!  Because really I still felt kinda crappy.  We had a dinner event we had to attend.  I was looking forward to someone else cooking and the fact there would be a comedian at the end of the night was going to be fun too.  But oddly enough he was not the medicine, I mean I laughed at his jokes and was entertained, it just wasn’t the best medicine.  laughter1

The best medicine came in the form of my new stand-up comedy routine I performed for just our diners at our table.  Now I don’t really have a stand-up comedy routine but as many of my longtime friends will tell you, once I get on a role telling jokes, it is hilarious!  I’m not kidding, I’m funny and not just funny looking!  At times, I was laughing so hard I had tears coming from my eyes.  And you know what, it worked.  I felt so good after that short 20 minute conversation, my crappy day was gone, my stuffy head was no longer achy.  Was it a miracle drug?  No, it was just laughing.  Fully belly, tears in my eyes, huge smile on my face, laughter!

So I guess the therapeutic advice you can take from this is take a moment to find something funny in your day, something that puts a smile on your face because believe me it can cure just about anything!laughter2