Rock, Paper, Scissors, Run?

rock1This was how I determined my chance at the gym today.  I wasn’t feeling it, so of course out comes the old game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  I would love to say that Run won but it didn’t, but I went anyway.  Mainly because I wanted to have a glass of wine (or maybe 2) with dinner and I like to think it is more of treat if I do the work out.  So I went and in the end it felt pretty good.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Run? Is also the theme going through my head as well as my running facebook friends.  Why?  Because it is race weekend and the weather is taking a turn for the worse.  Some have half-marathons (go Amy) while me I just have a 5 mile turkey trot but the idea of a 20 degree temperature, feeling like 5 degrees with windchill, and the chance of snowshowers does not make me want me to lace up my shoes and run outside especially since I only paid $20 for the race (and the t-shirts are cotton and ugly, usually, and there is no shiny medal at the end.)  So have I already talked myself out of the race?  Not sure, I’ll keep you posted.  But for my friends in Oklahoma who are gearing up for the Rte.66 Half Marathon

These are pretty cool aren't they!

These are pretty cool aren’t they!

(which is a race I have thought about coming home to race in plus the medals are really cool) their weather sounds just as unpleasant but they paid way more to be there than me.  What would you do?  Rock, Paper, Scissors, Run?

Whatever they choose to do I wish them good luck this weekend and to all my running friends lacing their shoes up and heading out.  Remember why we run… medals?…..lose weight?…. enjoyment?…. exercise?… or just shear insanity.  Whatever reason you do it, just get out there and do it this weekend!