Rock, Paper, Scissors, Done!

Still not sure!  It's warmer inside!

Still not sure! It’s warmer inside!

The other day I was contemplating today’s 5 mile run due to the weather.  Well you have probably guessed from the title that I did it.  You would be right and it was crazy hard.  Because I don’t know about you but when you can hear the wind whipping outside and you know it is only in the 20’s, I tend to take my Sunday workout to the gym.  In fact that is what I almost did.  As of 11:00 AM this morning I was still not 100% sure I wanted to do this.  But then I remembered all my running friends and blogging running friends and how far we have all come, and it was not by sitting down but by getting up and facing challenges.  Well I faced this challenge (wind guests of at times over 40mph that almost pushed me off my feet and definitely took my breath away) and now I can check it off my list.  I know I can run in that weather, the real question is whether I would do it again?  And the answer is probably, but I will get better winter running gear first.

Anyway, I was thinking of how many times we get talked out of challenges because we play a game with ourselves (Rock, Paper, Scissors – Anyone?) and by

Here we come facing the wind head on!

Here we come facing the wind head on!

not pushing through the challenge how we miss wonderful opportunities to grow.  I truly believe that every choice we make can either help us grow or keep us stuck.  If I would have never run today in this local turkey trot which really only meant something to me and a goal of a new PR, I would never have known that I could make it through some not so pleasant weather conditions which could risk my choice of completing other races in the future that have the same issues.  Realistically I would have let myself down too and probably questioned my choice all week for something simple as a five mile run.  So really today was all about growth.

So glad that is over!

So glad that is over!

My growth included many things.  It included being able to listen to my running brain and utilize it when I wanted to stop and say this is crazy but it kept saying “you are in this, you’re halfway, you have one more long hill” and best of all “you got this!”  It included the reassurance that my partner in crime is there for me no matter what I get myself into (thanks Dave, love ya!).  It included confidence of one more obstacle out of the way.  Finally, it included a new PR!  (38:39, 7th out of 75 in my age group and 140 out of 696 who ran)

So what is holding you back from growing?  Maybe it is time to stop playing games?!  Okay maybe not but maybe it is time to realize what you are missing out if you don’t just take the chance.

New T-shirt to add to the collection.

New T-shirt to add to the collection.

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