2014As I think about 2014 I start to wonder what I want to achieve in this new and upcoming year.  I keep telling people it is going to be a wonderful year!  I’m not quite sure why I think that, maybe because I am hopeful, optimistic or more than likely it is because I truly believe it.  2014 is going to be a great year.  It will be a year that has a lot of changes for the good and it will continue to be a year that pushes me out of my comfort zone.

If you have read my blog for very long you know that I don’t set a lot of long term goals I tend to find words and incorporate them in my year.  In 2012 it was the word “gratitude”.  I used this word in my daily life by keeping a gratitude journal.  Each day I would spend a few moments writing down 3 things I was grateful for and never writing the same thing in the same week.  (Let me tell you that makes you really look at the small things in your life.)  I enjoyed this so much I continued to do that into 2013 and I am sure I will continue this practice until I don’t feel like I need daily reminders of the wonderful things in my life (which at this point will probably be never).

In 2013 my word was “cherish”.  I incorporated a cherish jar into the family life and would write down events and moments that I cherished.  We have plans to read all of the things that were written on them either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.  I can’t wait to relive these moments with the family.  I am already thinking about keeping this activity going in 2014.

So what is my word in 2014?  Great question!  I’m not sure yet but I am leaning towards a word that keeps popping into view, Acceptance.  I’m still not convinced this is the word but I’ve been thinking about the power behind this word and how I could utilize it in my day to day life.  I don’t want it to be in a negative way of “just accept where you are because that is where you will always be”.  I want it to be a motivator/stay out of your head sort of way.  “Accept the things I cannot change” and move on.  Accept that it takes time for some things to happen but you don’t have to just sit idly by and wait.  You can do things to better yourself while you wait.  Accept the fact you can’t change others but how can you change your thoughts to make your interactions with others better.  Accept that I have the power to make my life different.  As I said earlier, I’m not sure this is THE word for the year but I know that I do need it to be part of my year in 2014. acceptance

I do have a few running goals for 2014:

  1. Complete my first trilogy of half-marathons hosted by BA Events (already signed up for the first one in February.)
  2. Run my second marathon and make it a much better marathon than my first in regards to preparation.
  3. Continue with my at least one race a month so I have a goal for each month to keep me motivated to run.
  4. Actively participate in my new running club (all signed up but haven’t done a run with them)
  5. Enjoy running! 

I’m looking forward to what 2014 is going to bring and can’t wait to share it with you.  Thanks for reading and Happy 2014!acceptance1

Fear and balancing the checkbook

checkbookI begin to think no one does this but me.  Balancing a checkbook.  My daughter and I had a conversation the other day about how to balance a checkbook and she has never had to do this.  She has a debit account (also known as a checking account) but now a days they don’t even give them temporary checks to utilize.  I am beginning to wonder if anyone else uses checks (albeit just about 5 a month) but I use them.  I think her belief is she just keeps checking her account and if there is cash in there she can spend it (which is okay when you don’t have outstanding bills you paid by checks and you are waiting for them to be cashed.)  I guess one of these days I will have to teach her how to balance a checkbook but that won’t be today.

However this isn’t about checks but more about balancing or fears we have that distort our attempts to balance things.  I find myself avoiding the checkbook once the fear4statement comes in.  I know it needs to be balanced, I know I need to make sure I know what monies are left in my account but I don’t always want to know down to the exact penny.  This is weird coming from a person who always wants to be in control and even stresses as we spend, spend, spend especially during the holidays.  But some days I just want the mysterious bank fairy to deposit enough cash in the account so I don’t have to worry.  In reality when I do spend the 20 minutes balancing everything out in Quicken, I realize I have more monies than I thought I did and I am at ease (well at least for the evening until we start spending again).  I think this is sometimes how I live my days.

I know I need to do some things but yet I plug on and on and avoid the obvious things and just do the easier things.  I will clean the house to avoid writing a paper (okay it doesn’t happen right now but when I was in college).  I find myself opening up my computer to do something but instead of doing it I will waste my evening on Pinterest (not really wasting, there are some great ideas on there which I will probably not do half but I have them pinned just in case).  And yet one more example I need to sign up for my licensure test so I printed out the form, left it on the printer for days, finally got all the paperwork finished, couldn’t find an envelop big enough so had to buy one (it took days), got the envelop and addressed it, and it took a few more days to add postage and send.  In all I filled out the form towards the end of November and finally sent it a few days before Christmas.  Why?  Because of fear of the unknown or at least that is what it feels like.

If I spent as much time getting stuff done and as I did avoiding certain things who knows where I would be.  Well I would probably be where I am but more than likely some things in my life would be different.  I’m not making a resolution for the new year to do things differently mainly because I like to set goals and not resolutions and this is really a change I need to make to make things better for myself forever and not just for 2014.  So I guess what I am saying is that facing these little fears of everyday life is a goal for me.  I already know the relief I feel when I do it so now I just need to implement it.

Are there fears that you need to face in 2014?  Will you do it? 

Come balance your checkbook with me so you don’t have to worry ridiculously!fear5

Jingle Bell 5K Run Fun!

jingleThe day was finally here,

Only one week late,

But it was worth the wait.


Warm was the weather.

In the 40’s some said,

Never did I mind and let it get to my head.


IMG_1498Laced up my shoes.

Placed my top hat on my crown,

Was excited to run through this cute little town.


IMG_1510The racers were amazing.

Filling the chute to the gills,

3, 2, 1 we were off through the hills.


Running was easy and a joy to take part.

My feet flying along faster than I desired,

But enjoying each moment and feeling inspired.


Who knew a snowwoman could fly so fast.

Some exclaimed “Look at Frosty” with faces full of smiles,

As I waved at them I kept thinking “I could do this for miles”.


IMG_1516Soon it would end with no new PR to be had,

Not caring at all because my goal had been met

Run for fun and most of all enjoy it!


It was a great day spent with 7400 of my closest running friends and I got to dress as a snowman.  So I would say my first costume race was a success and I will sign up again next year.  Final results of the race can be found here.

Sometimes you just need a break…

weatherToday was a great day in the New England area.  It was warm like in the 50’s and I was able to get outside for a long run.  It was wonderful.  There was lots of sand on the ground so at times it was like running on the beach (okay maybe that was only in mind) but there was lots of water around due to all the snow melting so maybe I was at the beach!

Anyway I was glad to be outside after a forced break from running.  This past week has seen my time be taken up by work and holiday shopping and the inability to have good runs when they would actually come around so I found myself putting in less miles.  But really it was worth it if it made today a good run which I think it did.  holiday

It is always nice when you take a break from something you like especially when you are struggling and then get back at it and it feels great.  I’m wondering how many times we can say that about life challenges.  That we take a moment or a day to create space between ourselves and the challenge and then when we look at it with fresh eyes/emotions/or even fresh legs we are able to handle the challenge differently and hopefully better.  I know I’m working on that right now.

Mainly I’m thinking about the new year and what I want to accomplish in 2014.  I’m not quite ready to publish some big list but I know that 2014 WILL be better than 2013.  I have learned a lot from this year but I am thankful that it is coming to an end and we get a fresh new set of months starting very soon!  I plan to make them great.  I hope you do too.

cherish3So the next few days (okay until 12/31) I’m gonna go easy.  I’m gonna try to enjoy the holidays, cherish the moments and stay out of my head (that will be a huge accomplishment but I can always try).  I’m gonna take a much needed break, try not to make any huge decisions, and let things fall as they may because remember 2014 as well as Santa is on it’s way! (A little rhyme to end tonight’s blog!)

PS – Jingle Run tomorrow after being postponed a week!  Can’t wait especially since it is supposed to be warm!

I think we might have a problem….

I’m probably over reacting but come on look at the picture below:

IMG_1009 The top tube of toothpaste is the one my child brought home from college and the other one is the one we use.  My first thought when I saw it was, “Wow, anger issues?”  It looks like she is strangling someone.  Okay, Okay I’m probably reading too much into it but seriously!  I know I taught her how to do things like laundry (although folding her laundry is still an issue/she files her clothes under “f” for floor most of the time), cleaning, and how to respect others but I never thought I would have to teach her how to squeeze the toothpaste or should I say how not to squeeze the toothpaste!

Really I just find it very humorous.  I never thought I would be caught off guard or alarmed at something so small and it really is small.  I know she squeezes it like this because she is always in a hurry and maybe a little laziness but at least she is brushing!

So I’m not going to enter my child into therapy just yet but she better know, “I’m watching”!  🙂


No this isn’t a blog about statistics.  We all know that I work in Human Services because I can’t do math (or now you know that I work in Human Services because I can’t do math or care that much for math).  Please math people don’t stop following me because I said I don’t care for it.  It’s probably because I didn’t have a good teacher or something like that. 

statsNow anyway…

If you are following my blog the chance is that you have your own blog.  Have you ever looked at the stats?  I find them interesting.  I like to look and see what people are looking at, which posts get the most comments and the most views and often I like to make sure that someone is reading my blog each day.  I’m not even sure why.

When I started this it was to reach out and spread some motivation but also to really just process things and get help from others.  It is now after about a year and 4 months, over 6,000 views, 224 posts, and almost 250 followers I really feel like I am able to do this.  I love that I can motivate others.  I enjoy reading other’s blogs and getting new ideas and motivation.  I love the community that blogging creates for us all.  Funny, I have not met anyone in person (well besides my family) who follows my blog but I feel like you are all friends (or stalkers because we are always reading about each others lives) and not just stats!

Thanks so much for following along and making this adventure so much fun.  I look forward to so much more.stats1

What was I thinking?!

thinking2I promised myself I would run a race in every month leading up to my April marathon.  Well guess what, the weather has struck again.  My turkey trot last month was cold and windy and I contemplated running it up until about an hour before (good thing the race was close to home).  Now the 5K fun run for Sunday is predicting cold, windy and the best part, wait for it…. wait for it….. rain or snow!!!!  (Anyone want to take my place?!)  It’s a fun run and this will be memorable.  Now I’m getting a little scared about signing up for January and February races.  I can only imagine the weather then!

The fact I am thinking about this and talking about this after reading this today is kind of interesting:

“When you have a circumstance that wasn’t part of your plan or that you didn’t invite into your life, ask yourself if you can change it.  If you can’t, then embrace it, deal with it and go on.” ~ Change Your Words Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer

This one was just too cute!

This one was just too cute!

It is funny how things that need to be said to you so you can move on happen in unexpected ways, in a book that you have in your car that you read periodically when you have a few moments of down time.

It is funny how I could have easily just read that and been like “well that’s interesting” and moved on but as I sit here this evening it touched me again.  I watched the weather, started becoming freaked out and contemplating whether to do this.  Then I realized, you can’t control the weather, but you can control embracing it, dealing with it and doing it because you said you would!  So here I come Jingle Bell Run.  I might turn my light jog into a faster run to be done but you will be done!  (Now I must head out to find some waterproof clothes to make into a costume!)