What was I thinking?!

thinking2I promised myself I would run a race in every month leading up to my April marathon.  Well guess what, the weather has struck again.  My turkey trot last month was cold and windy and I contemplated running it up until about an hour before (good thing the race was close to home).  Now the 5K fun run for Sunday is predicting cold, windy and the best part, wait for it…. wait for it….. rain or snow!!!!  (Anyone want to take my place?!)  It’s a fun run and this will be memorable.  Now I’m getting a little scared about signing up for January and February races.  I can only imagine the weather then!

The fact I am thinking about this and talking about this after reading this today is kind of interesting:

“When you have a circumstance that wasn’t part of your plan or that you didn’t invite into your life, ask yourself if you can change it.  If you can’t, then embrace it, deal with it and go on.” ~ Change Your Words Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer

This one was just too cute!

This one was just too cute!

It is funny how things that need to be said to you so you can move on happen in unexpected ways, in a book that you have in your car that you read periodically when you have a few moments of down time.

It is funny how I could have easily just read that and been like “well that’s interesting” and moved on but as I sit here this evening it touched me again.  I watched the weather, started becoming freaked out and contemplating whether to do this.  Then I realized, you can’t control the weather, but you can control embracing it, dealing with it and doing it because you said you would!  So here I come Jingle Bell Run.  I might turn my light jog into a faster run to be done but you will be done!  (Now I must head out to find some waterproof clothes to make into a costume!)