No this isn’t a blog about statistics.  We all know that I work in Human Services because I can’t do math (or now you know that I work in Human Services because I can’t do math or care that much for math).  Please math people don’t stop following me because I said I don’t care for it.  It’s probably because I didn’t have a good teacher or something like that. 

statsNow anyway…

If you are following my blog the chance is that you have your own blog.  Have you ever looked at the stats?  I find them interesting.  I like to look and see what people are looking at, which posts get the most comments and the most views and often I like to make sure that someone is reading my blog each day.  I’m not even sure why.

When I started this it was to reach out and spread some motivation but also to really just process things and get help from others.  It is now after about a year and 4 months, over 6,000 views, 224 posts, and almost 250 followers I really feel like I am able to do this.  I love that I can motivate others.  I enjoy reading other’s blogs and getting new ideas and motivation.  I love the community that blogging creates for us all.  Funny, I have not met anyone in person (well besides my family) who follows my blog but I feel like you are all friends (or stalkers because we are always reading about each others lives) and not just stats!

Thanks so much for following along and making this adventure so much fun.  I look forward to so much more.stats1