I think we might have a problem….

I’m probably over reacting but come on look at the picture below:

IMG_1009 The top tube of toothpaste is the one my child brought home from college and the other one is the one we use.  My first thought when I saw it was, “Wow, anger issues?”  It looks like she is strangling someone.  Okay, Okay I’m probably reading too much into it but seriously!  I know I taught her how to do things like laundry (although folding her laundry is still an issue/she files her clothes under “f” for floor most of the time), cleaning, and how to respect others but I never thought I would have to teach her how to squeeze the toothpaste or should I say how not to squeeze the toothpaste!

Really I just find it very humorous.  I never thought I would be caught off guard or alarmed at something so small and it really is small.  I know she squeezes it like this because she is always in a hurry and maybe a little laziness but at least she is brushing!

So I’m not going to enter my child into therapy just yet but she better know, “I’m watching”!  🙂

7 thoughts on “I think we might have a problem….

    • Well before I get to mad I will ask if that is what she is doing, but I’m pretty sure it is out of just being lazy. My guess is is that she will throw it away after a few more squeezes because she won’t be able to get anything out. 🙂

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