Sometimes you just need a break…

weatherToday was a great day in the New England area.  It was warm like in the 50’s and I was able to get outside for a long run.  It was wonderful.  There was lots of sand on the ground so at times it was like running on the beach (okay maybe that was only in mind) but there was lots of water around due to all the snow melting so maybe I was at the beach!

Anyway I was glad to be outside after a forced break from running.  This past week has seen my time be taken up by work and holiday shopping and the inability to have good runs when they would actually come around so I found myself putting in less miles.  But really it was worth it if it made today a good run which I think it did.  holiday

It is always nice when you take a break from something you like especially when you are struggling and then get back at it and it feels great.  I’m wondering how many times we can say that about life challenges.  That we take a moment or a day to create space between ourselves and the challenge and then when we look at it with fresh eyes/emotions/or even fresh legs we are able to handle the challenge differently and hopefully better.  I know I’m working on that right now.

Mainly I’m thinking about the new year and what I want to accomplish in 2014.  I’m not quite ready to publish some big list but I know that 2014 WILL be better than 2013.  I have learned a lot from this year but I am thankful that it is coming to an end and we get a fresh new set of months starting very soon!  I plan to make them great.  I hope you do too.

cherish3So the next few days (okay until 12/31) I’m gonna go easy.  I’m gonna try to enjoy the holidays, cherish the moments and stay out of my head (that will be a huge accomplishment but I can always try).  I’m gonna take a much needed break, try not to make any huge decisions, and let things fall as they may because remember 2014 as well as Santa is on it’s way! (A little rhyme to end tonight’s blog!)

PS – Jingle Run tomorrow after being postponed a week!  Can’t wait especially since it is supposed to be warm!