Jingle Bell 5K Run Fun!

jingleThe day was finally here,

Only one week late,

But it was worth the wait.


Warm was the weather.

In the 40’s some said,

Never did I mind and let it get to my head.


IMG_1498Laced up my shoes.

Placed my top hat on my crown,

Was excited to run through this cute little town.


IMG_1510The racers were amazing.

Filling the chute to the gills,

3, 2, 1 we were off through the hills.


Running was easy and a joy to take part.

My feet flying along faster than I desired,

But enjoying each moment and feeling inspired.


Who knew a snowwoman could fly so fast.

Some exclaimed “Look at Frosty” with faces full of smiles,

As I waved at them I kept thinking “I could do this for miles”.


IMG_1516Soon it would end with no new PR to be had,

Not caring at all because my goal had been met

Run for fun and most of all enjoy it!


It was a great day spent with 7400 of my closest running friends and I got to dress as a snowman.  So I would say my first costume race was a success and I will sign up again next year.  Final results of the race can be found here.

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