Janathon 7/31 & How did I get here?!

Or the longer title “How did I get here and is this where I want to be?!”

Thank you Dove for wonderful chocolate and deep thoughts!

Thank you Dove for wonderful chocolate and deep thoughts!

While I was at the gym completing my Janathon miles this evening I had quite a bit of time to think about this.  The question is not meant to be negative as much it is meant to spark reflection.  I have found recently that my clients who are ready and willing to make changes have been asking themselves this question (or maybe I ask it of them but until they are ready to answer it they don’t actually hear the question.)

So it made me reflect and think (which is not always a good thing!)

How did I get here and is this where I want to be?

How did I get to be a runner and have runner’s thoughts like this evening when I knew I had to go faster and thought “crank that puppy up to 7.5 mph I only have 1 mile left and I can do anything for that amount of time!”

How did I get to be a person who has to do some sort of workout each evening/day even when I am tired and oddly enough it gives me more energy?!

How did I get to be a person who owns more running clothes than I do work clothes, not to mention my willingness to spend way more on running clothes than I would ever spend on work clothes.

How did I get to be a person whose idea of a trip out of town includes a race and an extra day to recover if it is a long one!

How did I get to be a person who sits across from people and helps them connect thoughts, actions, dreams and goals?

Finally, is this where I want to be?  On most days the answer is “yes”, on hard days the answer is “I’m not sure” and any days in between the answer is “do I really have a choice”?!  I am reminded that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be at that moment.  You do have choices.  Choices to change things to step out of your comfort zone or choices to stay, stay where you are. be


I would never be a marathon runner had it not been for stepping out and taking the challenge to go just a little bit further and try a little bit harder.  I would never be a therapist if I hadn’t taken the challenge to listen, provide empathy and help others make the changes they need for a better life.

So I guess the answer to my original question is “through hard work and dedication I got to where I am at this moment in time”.  I’m not completely satisfied with where I am at the moment but I am working on stepping out of that comfort zone to make some changes.

How about you?  How did you get here and is there where you want to be?  No?  What are you going to change?

Janathon 7/31 – 5.5 miles at 46:32 at the gym on the dreadmill with lots of rolling and a few leg and foot cramps to work through for the rest of the evening.

Happy 7th day of January!