Motivation & Janathon 9/31

happenWhat does that word mean to you (not Janathon!) and how do you find yours?

I was talking with a client today and after three months she hasn’t made much progress.  We spent some time to try and figure out why.  It seems to come down to fear and comfort.  And the best way I have found to combat fear and getting out of your comfort zone is setting new goals.  The only problem with new goals is that you need to find a way to motivate yourself.  For those who have had success with self-motivation this usually is not a problem but for others who have been stuck in this fear for 10 years, longer or maybe even shorter, it is difficult to get out of your comfort zone and find motivation.

The steps we talked about were find a long term goal, the example I gave was something familiar like run a marathon.  Now decide if the life you are living right now will get you to that point.  If the answer is no then figure out what are some of the things I need to change to be able to get there.  Then create a plan to chip away at that long term goal through small short term goals.  Example: If I want to run a marathon I probably need to change my diet to eating healthier, come up with a training plan, establish the amount of time I have to dedicate to this new adventure and find smaller shorter races to sign up for so I get the experience before actually doing the marathon (oh yeah, and decide if running really is what I want to do!)  I think it also helps to connect with a community, whether through blogging, your local running club or just a friend who enjoys the same things as you do.

This doesn’t address the word motivation directly but I don’t think I need to.  Mainly because I feel like we create our own drive/motivation when we are seeking something we really desire.  I desire the feeling of accomplishment that comes from running further than I ever have or doing better/going faster.  I also find that surrounding myself with positive things such as motivational quotes and positive thoughts helps to inspire me each day.  Getting out of my comfort zone and facing my fears head on, is inspiring, scary, and yet extremely motivating!

What motivates you?  How do you find it when you lose it?

 Janathon exercise for today:

8 miles on the treadmill in 69 mins

2- 1 min. planks

2 sets of 30 crunches and 30 side crunches

And lots of foam rolling

Happy 9th day of January!happen1


Love to hear your thoughts.....

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