Janathon 14/31

Can’t believe we are already almost halfway done with the Janathon adventure (to be honest it will be nice to return to blog slacking for a little while and at times I feel like I am bragging that I actually got some stuff down during the day but on the other hand it is great to have a little extra motivation!) ย Anyway, on this cool and rainy day in New England it was off to the gym. ย And here is what I did:

5 miles on the treadmill – 42:54 – 8:34 pace (a little slow but okay)

100 squats

3 – 1 minute planks

3 sets of 30 crunches

3 sets of 30 side crunches

3 – 30 second supermans

This arm workout with 5 and 10lb weights

I did this three times through with 15 reps each.

I did this three times through with 15 reps each.

And then quality time with my torturous best friend:

foam roller


I hope you had a successful January 14th whether you are completing the Janathon challenge or not.


14 thoughts on “Janathon 14/31

    • The biggest issue I have with the treadmill is this constant pace. I notice when I am outside I tend to fluctuate my pace and you can’t do that on the treadmill. But my pace does seem oddly faster on the treadmill too.

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