Best core workout (Janathon 16/31)

laughingThere is no better core workout than spending the evening with a bunch of friends laughing to the point of crying.  Tonight was Bunco night and rest day from running.  So after work I did a little bit of stretching, changed to some comfy clothes and headed out to spend some quality time with friends.  I can’t think of a better way to work out your abs and your attitude than laughing.  Probably the only issue with all this was the amount of food you consume while sitting around the table with snacks right by your hands.  But I’m telling you, my attitude is happier and I know for sure my abs will ache in the morning.  Oh and did I mention, we were playing a game where you have to get up from one table and move to another every 2 minutes or so.  So I am pretty sure I got some squats in and probably walked about 1/2 mile back and forth.  laughing1

Janathon update for 16/31:

15 minutes of stretching

3 hours of laughing/core work out

3 hours worth of getting up and moving/squats

and Probably 1/2 mile walked

So a win, win evening.  Plus I won $16 at the end of the night!!!  🙂

Happy 16th day of January/Janathon!


Love to hear your thoughts.....

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