Janathon 20/31

I’m feeling better finally so today I got some time at the gym after work which means, “Hello dreadmill!”

Really it wasn’t so bad.  In fact it was a good idea to do 3 easy miles on the treadmill so if I had a coughing fit I could leap off and not have to worry about walking back home.  But good news was, no coughing fit and no leaping off the treadmill.  Oddly enough though, I still sound like Kermit the frog so it didn’t help me lack of a voice.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.  It was nice to be back to running again even if it was only a weekend away.

So the fast summary for day 20:

1 hour tap class

3 miles at the gym

2 – 1 minute planks

60 crunches

60 side-crunches

70 squats

Stretches galore!

A pretty good start to the week.  Happy Monday and day 20 of this crazy Janathon challenge!