The cold that doesn’t give up & Janathon 21/31

coldHave you ever had that cold that seems to linger, and linger, and linger, and linger????  Well that is where I feel like I am right now.  I know technically I have only had this head thing since Friday but it feels like forever.  The biggest issue that is left over is the breathing part, oh and the part where I have no voice and I sound like kermit the frog or a kid going through puberty and their voices cracks all the time.  I was sitting in session today talking to a client (in fact telling him Goodbye) and I could barely manage a whisper.

I’m fine with the no voice part, the part I don’t like is the struggling to breathe while running.  I know I need to be getting my miles up so I am trying to do more.  Today I was able to get in 6 miles and it felt pretty good.  It is getting a little cold to be outside now with an afternoon high in the low teens and snow expected tonight.  One of these days soon I might be able to get outside again for a long training run.  But until then I will spend some quality time on the treadmill at the gym with a ton of new January members (glad they are there, hope they stay, and wish them luck on their goals, but hope their time to be there becomes a little different than mine).

So yeah for getting things done in Janathon and here is to probably one more night of nyquil to help me breathe!

Janathon 21/31:

6 mile treadmill run – 8:43 pace

Happy 21st day of January/Janathon!