Counting down to the end of several things (Janathon 23/31)

rough dayToday was a rough day.  It wasn’t rough because it was bad, it was rough because I am having to do something over and over that hurts.  It not only hurts me but it hurts the other person I am doing it to.  No matter how I do it, it hurts and as I try and try it is not getting any easier.  But as I do this I am counting down.  I am counting down to the 31st.  I am excited about what this day will bring but I am also sad about what this date means.

Have you figured it out…..

It is not that it will be the end of Janathon on the 31st even though it is.  I am looking forward to regaining my fun blogs of insightful therapy things and not giving you the latest update on my work-out (because truly it begins to feel like I am bragging about my very boring training I am doing right now.)  But I will miss daily blogging so maybe I can figure out a way to incorporate the philosophy of blogging daily with some fun stuff.

So the bigger thing I am counting down the end to is my job.  I will be changing jobs at the end of the month (the 31st is my last day and then I’m taking a week vacation to relax before the next one starts).  I am excited about the new challenges, the new company and the new experiences but yet leaving my clients is overwhelmingly hard.  I have loved working with each and every one of them and unfortunately they are not ready to be discharged so they are still in the “I need help” stage.  I get that.  I want to leave them with security that I believe in what they have learned already, they will be okay, and really they are the ones who are doing all the work I have just been there to guide them along the way.  It doesn’t seem to be working.  I mean it is working for some who are farther along but others have struggled to process this and one actually told me, “I’m following you to your next place.”  Unfortunately that is not an option, if it were, I would take them all!  A good thing is that I begin to feel really valued by my clients and all those days that I felt as if I struggled to help them make connections, they really were listening!rough day1

So I am counting down to the fact I only have to do this (say Goodbye) about 20 more times between now and next Friday and of course with all this discomfort I am more focused on getting to the gym and going for a run.   Here is my Janathon update for 23/31:

8.5 miles at 8:34 pace

105 squats

90 crunches

90 side crunches

Planks and side planks

Sexy Arm workout (because I’m gonna get those arms!)

20 minutes with my BFF – foam roller

Happy 23rd day of January/Janathon!

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