Garmin fail but Janathon miles logged 25/31

garmin1I got the coolest new Garmin for Christmas I even got the heart rate monitor to help me with my training.  It has been fabulous to have but I only use it on my outdoor runs.  It just seems silly to wear it on the treadmill but I have been known to strap it on so I can use the heart rate monitor.  So anyway, today was one of those long run days that I thought the weather was good enough to do it outside.  So I put on my cold weather clothes because really it was 35 degrees and windy (I mean WINDY with gusts that had to be 30-40 mph at times taking my breathe away).  Anyway, I got to my new favorite place and sat in the car waiting for Garmin to connect, and waited, and waited, and waited.  Then decided it wasn’t going to do it and if I waited much longer I would decide to not do it or it would get dark!  I got out and just hit go.  I knew I could map it later to give me the exact route (which is what I did).

The whole run was good, I felt pretty consistent and was glad to be outside.  I realized how many hills are at my favorite place and challenged myself at each hill to shorten my steps and push myself to the top.  The run overall felt pretty good and actually kind of fast.  But when I looked at my watch it said my pace was 8:56 per mile on average.  I thought “okay, I can live with that on a day that the wind was in my face half the time and I still have that little hacking tickle in my throat.”

I was glad to get in a long run and even more happy when I got home and mapped the run.  The 10 mile run was actually 10.5 miles and my pace was not the 8:56 per mile but more like 8:32 per mile.  That makes me very happy!  Now I understand why I was so tired at the end.  I was also glad because it felt pretty comfortable.  I did the unfortunate thing earlier today of counting down to the marathon and it is shockingly coming up very fast, only 13 weeks away!  Excited, Scared, and hoping to be ready in time.  If I can keep up these outside runs and make sure my pace is staying fast, I have a good chance of at least hitting a couple of my goals.

So I had a Garmin fail but we are googling away at how to reset and will be spending some time tomorrow looking for satellites and resetting and if that doesn’t work, I guess getting a new one (here is hoping it works.)

Janathon update:

10.5 miles at 8:32 pace

Some stretching at the end and a nice long shower to warm up!

Trying a detox bath tonight to hopefully get rid of all this congestion, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy 25th day of January/Janathon!