Janathon 27/31

As I sat in my car between clients today I started thinking about how much I exercise during the day, even without trying.  In my car, drive (exercise the eyes looking all around), pushing on the pedal (a little stretching of the right foot), out of car, walking into client’s house, listening for an hour (sometimes this is very hard if you can’t get into what they are talking about), then stand up, head to car, and then repeat the process all day long usually 5-7 times.  I must be exhausted by the end of the day.  But no, I suck it up and head to tap because after all it is Monday and that is what I do!  Then one hour of tap and come home (same driving exercises), change into comfy clothes ( a little stretching and contorting to get that sports bra off, I know TMI), and then sit my lazy butt down on the couch.  But wait there is more, cats that need love so I have to exercise my hands and arms rubbing their bellies and my abs laughing at how cute they are.  Finally it takes quite a bit of brainpower and fingerpower to come up with these brilliant posts to share my day with you.  Oh my goodness, I’m exhausted!IMG_0039

Janathon Update:

1 hour tap class

Lots of made up exercises throughout the day!

Happy 27th day of January/Janathon!