100 miles and Janathon 29/31

100 mile1I did it!  100 miles in January and there are still two days left!

Since I started keeping track on mapmyrun this is the longest distance I have done in a month.  I usually seem to cap out at 96 miles.  I am sure it is because I am more conscience of it and really wanted to get to 100 but I’m sure it helps that Janathon is making me think about exercising more (oh yeah and there is that Marathon thing coming up).

I am happy to report my stomach did well too!  So maybe I’m on the mend.

I did however see the funniest thing at the gym today that I thought I would share.  I was just running along on the wonderful treadmill at a pretty fast speed because today’s run was supposed to be fast.  Anyway, this high school girl got on the treadmill a little ways down (I never understand why no one wants to run by me, I have gas at times but I am pretty sure it goes away quick).  So this girl gets on the treadmill and tries to turn it on by pressing the buttons.  When that doesn’t work she starts running and dragging her fit to get the belt to move.  Amazingly enough, this doesn’t work either.  She continues to try to coax the treadmill in to working by running and pressing buttons.  At this point, I wanted to get her attention and tell her to turn the thing on but she had on headphones and seemed very focused on getting that dang treadmill to run.  So she jumps off, I guess figuring that she is just on one that is broken and goes over to another one.  She goes through the same routine, dragging her feet to get the belt started, pushing every button, and then just running in place.  I kept wondering why does she not get off a) go ask someone like the workers there b) ask someone next to her c) just scream for help.  I think “c” would have been the best thing to do.  Anyway, I jumped off my treadmill ran over to hers, lean down in the front, and turned it on!  She yells out “Thank you” pretty loud because after all she has kept those headphones on through it all.  I hope you all got a good visual image and were able to appreciate it as much as I did.  Don’t worry, no one was harmed in this situation!100 mile

So here is my official Janathon update for the day:

8.5 miles on treadmill fast paced 8:22 per mile pace

20 minute Yoga for runners

Happy 29th day of January/Janathon!