Finishing strong/Janathon 31/31

doneAll done!  I’m so excited that today is the last day of Janathon not just because I won’t be blogging daily (because who knows I just might) but I will no longer be blogging about how incredible I am and what exercises I did today (totally kidding because if you have stuck with me, you know that some days I just slack off and make things seem like exercise!).

So for my last Janathon I would like to tell you in rhyme how well I did (except I struggle with that, so bear with me.)

To the treadmill I went to escape from my time,

Only to be held back with a side pain, oh my!

But onwards I went to five full miles,

Which brought lots and lots of smiles!

I then went and stretched and added crunches for abs

Planks, side planks, crunches, side crunches to decrease the flabs

Sexy arm workout to have biceps of steeldone1

Looking good and feeling good, could this be real?

I am happy to announce that I made it so far (105.3 miles)

Thank you Janathon but maybe next month I will drive this in my car!

Happy 31st of January/Janathon!  Back to the real world tomorrow so hopefully you will hear from me soon!