Drying Rack

You can always tell how well my weeks went by my drying rack.  Crazy right?!  It all comes down to how much I am able to get out of my head and exercise and this is displayed brightly in my drying rack.  I wonder if anyone else is the same way? rack

I am finding exercise and running quickly becoming my obsession (some would say it has been that way for a while and it probably has been but I’m okay with that).

Do you have any obsessions which at times interfere with your daily life or do they all add good things to your life?  Running is great but I do find myself wanting to finish work early on good weather days so I can get outside and enjoy with a run.  At other times I have spaced my day around my running, especially my long run days.  (I am beginning to think I have a problem.)

I think the biggest issue I have is that I am not use to doing this, having the focus on myself.  Or maybe not the focus but actually taking the time for myself.  I think this is a normal thing for a mom who spent the last 19 years raising my daughter and making sacrifices to provide.  But it has been worth it.

Now the focus is turned inward (oh, I still talk to my daughter almost daily and she still needs things) but now I can do things for myself, like reflect on the fact my drying rack is packed and I’m happy about it (not about doing the laundry but more like what it represents.)

Happy running/exercising!


Love to hear your thoughts.....

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