The Benefits of Therapy

massage2Okay so we are not going to talk about mental health therapy because I could go on and on about the benefits of this but I’m talking about Massage therapy.

I get excited when I make the appointment, knowing that when I am done I will feel soooooo good!  I will have been rubbed down and all those spots that are overwhelmed in pain will feel so relieved.

So back to the benefits….

We all know that it helps reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension but I know there is more.  For me it gives me “me” time, you know that time that you can just lay there and someone is serving you (I don’t know about you but it doesn’t happen for me to often).  A massage also helps me with sinus issues (even though I am completing allergy shots and feeling great, it’s amazing how much massages open up my sinuses).   I also find that massage helps with headaches.  I have never been a fan of taking to many medications so when I get a headache, I usually find myself putting an icepack on that pesky shoulder of torture or even on my neck as well as doing a self-massage.  massage3

I really I think a huge benefit of massage is the feeling of taking care of myself.  We all go to doctors and dentists for regular check-ups (if you don’t you better) but who is checking up on our muscles?  Who is helping us keep the blood flowing and getting rid of those toxins in our body?  For me, my answer is going to be my massage therapist.

I think adding more of these sessions will benefit my marathon training too, not to mention my mental health!

Do you have benefits from massage I haven’t mentioned?  When was your last massage?  What is keeping you from having another one?

Happy Thursday!