17 mile fuel report

As you all already know I am training for my next marathon and last night for Valentine ’s Day (okay after dinner and a wonderful time with my man) I made a stop at Dicks for some new fuel to try out.  I think I am finding a good mix but I only have 2 months left to make sure I get this right.

This is all unsolicited but here is what I discovered today (the good and the bad).

I started with these as I drove to my long run:



They were pretty good but after about 10 I wanted to not eat anymore due to the fact that the lemon taste was getting to me (insert the puckered face look here).  I was drinking a lot so maybe it was good I ate them.  I did feel like I had a lot of energy at the beginning and they were able to sustain me through the fast part of my run.

Up next around mile 5.5, I ate this.  (I usually eat it sooner but I was doing a fast 5.5 miles and then a long 11.5 miles so I was pacing myself)

Yummm!  Mocha flavored

Yummm! Mocha flavored

This seems to be my new favorite.  I love the taste and believe it or not, it is not as thick as GU.  I felt the energy fairly quickly and I was able to keep a pretty solid pace.

My final energy gel was taken around mile 10 (I probably should have taken the other one I brought around mile 15 but quite frankly I was just ready to be done by then so I didn’t).


Picture Vanilla here!

Picture Vanilla here!

I thought this one would be good because it is very thin but I totally disliked it.  Maybe it was the flavor.  I had the vanilla one thinking that it would be nice to have something a little different.  Well let’s just say the feeling I had in my stomach was a little different, I wanted to find a place to get rid of it!  But I didn’t I found myself drinking a lot of my water I brought along to get the taste out of my mouth and to try and calm my stomach.  (Guess what I won’t be buying again, vanilla!)

All in all I was able to complete my 17 mile run at my favorite place in the snow (it snowed the WHOLE time) and it felt pretty good.  I felt like I learned a lot about the fueling piece but there is still work to do before that April marathon (it is coming to fast!!!!).  Here are all the ones I picked up last night:


Anyone else ever had these issues?  Any recommendations for some fuel that has worked for you?


Not a very flattering picture but who looks great after 17 miles!

 Happy 15th day of February!

11 thoughts on “17 mile fuel report

    • Thanks for the advice. I will have to try the sports beans. I have had the gatorade chews and had them on my marathon but didn’t bring enough. Now I hoping to find smaller things to carry along because I seem to have to fuel a lot (like every 4.5 miles). Thanks again!

  1. I’ve heard about the sports beans, after your report I think I might try and get my hands on some. I noticed the honey stingers in your photo – last half marathon I had a bad of those and normal glucose jelly beans, that worked well but I don’t care if I ever eat either again hehe. Great post, I really appreciate reading about race nutrition and how runners have found the different products, it’s jut so helpful. Thank you 🙂

    • You are welcome. I am hoping to use the stingers in my next long run (not this weekend in my half due to not wanting to try something new in a race). I’ll let you know what I think.
      It’s so hard to work through this fuel process by yourself but you really have to do it by yourself because what works for some does not work for others but I think it is always helpful to share.

  2. I quite like the sport beans but I find on long runs they stick together into a big gelatinous ball and you just can’t get them out of the packet. I now tend to snack on them on the way to a race, and stick to GU gel during the race. I don’t know what it is with the power gel stuff either, it gets to me too. Combined with sports drink it makes for one rough stomach….

    • I think the beans are just easier to eat while you are headed to the run. I think I would drop them all over the place if I tried to eat them while running.
      Kinda glad to hear someone else has issues with power gel. I think I will try it again but not sure it is going to stay as a contender for races. Thanks for your input.

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