Are you ready?Is there anything that really prepares you for change?

That is the question that is on my mind right now.  As I have started my new job I began to second guess my strengths mainly because I haven’t used them in this role just yet.  I haven’t really been challenged (which is good I need to learn how everything runs first) but I begin to wonder if I am ready and how do you know you are ready?  I guess my answer at this very moment is … you don’t.

Or maybe I should change that to “I don’t”.

So what does someone do who is not sure if they are ready, they jump in with faith and trust.  Faith they know what to do and trust that the others will believe in them enough to give them a chance.   There is also that piece of past history meaning I have changed things in the past and they have worked so I should believe that it will happen again.  preparation1

Then there is the running piece… I prepare by working out, doing lots of core work, eating better, and putting lots and lots of miles under my feet to prepare for a race.  Not so I will win (okay there are probably some of those unrealistic thoughts out there but really my winning is doing my best and hitting my goals) but so I can have that accomplishment under my belt.  But oddly enough when each race comes around (especially for longer distances) I begin to ask myself, am I prepared?  Did I do enough?  Should I take one more run just to be ready?  I guess the answer here is “no”.  Don’t second guess all the things I have done to prepare.  One of my favorite signs from my marathon was “Trust your training”.  I think this applies to real life too.

Trust your abilities, trust your preparation!  (That is my slogan over the next few weeks in running and at work!)

Gotta love self-doubt!  Anyone else ever experience this and how do you overcome it?

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