Mysteries or crazy things that happen…

mysteryHave you ever noticed the things mysteriously happen?  I was thinking this evening I have some mysterious things happening in my life or maybe they are just crazy things that happen.

For instance….

Yesterday, within about an hour I had a huge gash in my right thumb (okay not huge but it was a cut) and three paper cuts on the same hand.  Ouch… how did that happen?  I didn’t feel it happen but now my hand hurts constantly and even better when I forget and use some of that alcohol based antiseptic that sits on my desk.  I am quickly reminded!!!

How about this… today I went to get my monthly allergy shots (it’s a booster which I have to do for the next year).  I was sitting there reading my book because you have to wait 30 minutes after you get the shot so they can watch your reaction, and that’s when it happened.  About 15 minutes in my palms started feeling itchy and I started to feel a little off.  I thought it was because I was tired, after all I’d been up since 5:45am.  So when they called my name to look at the shots reaction, they asked me how I was feeling.  I told them about my palms and by that point my eyelids had started to swell and turn red and get itchy.  I was having my first allergic reaction.  This may not seem weird to others but I have been through a year of shots with most of them happening twice in one week and I have only had reactions on in the shot area.  I was immediately taken into a room, vitals taken, body examined for hives or welts and given prednisone and an antihistamine.  It seemed to work after a little while and I was monitored by a nurse physically watching me for a whole hour (talk about awkward!).  Anyway, it was a mystery as to why it happened, they couldn’t explain it.

I had another medical issue which may not be a mystery it might be stress but for this we will call it a mystery.  The week before my national exam I woke up with my right eye swollen as well as the whole right side of my face.  I went to my doctor in the afternoon  (the swelling had gone down) and she immediately sent me to the eye doctor because it was so strange.  He said it was the beginnings of  a sty which really wasn’t that big of a deal.  I treated it for a few days but not real well and continued to spend my evenings studying but it disappeared even as the stress increased it went away.  Wouldn’t my body keep it around while I’m stressed because believe me that did not decrease until right after the exam.  It’s a mystery to me….

Then there is the running mysteries of how come one day the first three miles of a long run make me want to give up with pain and stiffness but I push through and make it 18 miles and then I can run a 5K the next day and almost get a PR.  Explain that one…. I can’t.

How come I could run a fast 17 miles in the snow and now I find myself struggling to finish my 18 milers in much nicer weather? mystery1

And then of course the everyday mysteries…Who has ever figured out the mystery of how you can finish the laundry and look down and see a huge pile which is just like cleaning the house and how it only lasts about 5 mins or less if you have animals or kids!

When clients come into my office and express things they can’t understand I try and help to establish some reasoning behind occurrences, try to explain what seems unexplainable.  But at times I say things like “I have no idea why that happened but is there something you learned from it that can help you grow and maybe prevent it from happening again?”

So is there something I learned from the mysteries of the week….

I think I need to wear gloves to prevent paper cuts.

Take an antihistamine before my allergy shot (even though I am taking allergy shots because I don’t want to take any meds)

I wear my stress in my face and maybe utilizing better stress/anxiety control earlier on will prevent me from looking like I went a few rounds with Rocky Balboa.

If I just keep pushing through my runs, I can tackle just about anything

And of course the biggest mystery of all, the daily mysteries of cleaning, the answer is… I have no idea why this happens but if I made more money it could be a cleaning person’s problem and not mine and the mystery would be solved.

What about you, ever had mysteries or things you couldn’t explain?  What did you do?  

Something fun too, just wanted to let you know that I am working on completing this challenge 100happydays through my instagram.  Come follow along if you want!


2 thoughts on “Mysteries or crazy things that happen…

  1. Look after yourself, those reactions sound nasty! I did have a rash once that a work friend called the ‘galloping rash’ because it literally started on my feet and galloped up my legs within a few minutes… no idea what it was, took an antihistamine and thought about going to the doctor but then it was gone… never had it since… strange!

    • The rash sounds stranger than what happened to me. I think the eye thing was stress but still unsure about the allergy shot reaction. I now have to finish up the shots being monitored and with epi pen in hand but it will be great to breathe in the spring without sneezing and wheezing!

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