26.2 things I do while tapering…

Here is some insight as to how I am tapering for my upcoming marathon.  Maybe it will give you some help if you are in a taper of some things you can do.

1. Stare longingly at my running shoes on a gorgeous “rest” day.


2. Work on hydrating and then practice quick pit stops in the luxury of my own home.

3. Organize my running shoes by color and year I wore them.


4. Stress about what color to paint my toenails (cause that’s my tradition) trying to decide between OKC (green and white)  colors or Boston (blue and yellow) colors to run in honor of.

5. Read about a race I would like to one day run.


6. Sign up for new races now because I know I won’t feel like running after finishing 26.2.

7. Call and make a massage appointment for the day after the race because I will be on vacation also.

8. Wash my car paying close attention to cleaning those mileage stickers!



9. Clean my house with all the extra energy.


10. Put together running inspired songs to listen to in the days before the big race for motivation.


11. Check out the race map, relive last years’ experience, and then cry because I’m so overwhelmed by the fact I’m doing it again.

12. Stretch, foam roll, and core work in hopes that at least one pack of the six pack abs will become present before race day.


13. Practice various hairstyles I might sport on race day.


14. Read about elite runners and marvel at their times and pray to God that I will at least cross that finish line!

15. Create new hydration drinks and torture my family by making them try it too.


16. Organize my race shirts and running gear and realized I need to get a new dresser because they have taken over.


17. Go watch others participate in exercise.


My daughter’s college dance performance. So much fun.


That’s my girl, 2nd from the left.

18. Offer people to try my marathon fuel replacement and try to convince them by telling them how much energy they will have when they eat it.


19. Change my eating habits from farm stand ice cream to frozen yogurt cause I’m not running as far right now and not burning as many calories.


Yummy farm stand ice cream. Lots of butter fat!



20. Search for new mantras to repeat to myself when it gets hard out there because we all know it will!

21. Go shopping for work clothes to take mind off of not running and unconsciously keep finding myself in running stores or in workout clothes area of the store.

22. Contemplate dying hair to match race only to decide that maybe they should change race colors to blonde and gray to make it better for us older runners!

23. Drive 26.2 miles in car and cheer her on to victory as we get to the end!



24. Spend time reading people’s blogs about their recent races and enjoying their pictures living vicariously through their running adventures.

25. Schedule some extra clients at work cause I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with all of this free time.


26. Really wonder what I use to do before I was a long distance runner!  What were my hobbies?

.2 Write a blog about 26.2 things I did while I tapered for a marathon.

How do you taper?  Any other wonderful ideas?  Help me out I have two more weeks!


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