775.50, 11.5, 1670, 26.2

No, this is not some special code.  These are some very important miles.  The first one, 775.5 is the amount of miles I have completed since I signed up to run the OKC marathon again.  Some days I can feel all of the 775.5 insanemiles on my body while other days I am in disbelief that I have gone that far.  While yet other times I begin to question whether this is even enough.  Then I gather my thoughts and just think, what are your expectations this year and how does this compare to last year (which was my very first time to run the marathon)?  The answer, it’s a huge difference.  I know so much more this year, how to fuel better, I have stronger core than last year, I’m running faster and farther, and this will not be my last marathon (why, because I’m insane but also insane and seeing improvements I like).

taperingThe next number, 11.5 miles, is the amount of miles I have left to go before the marathon.  So really those are just taper miles which most of them are done kind of slowly just to keep my legs stretched out and get rid of this extra energy.  These miles also allow me to think and pace.  Practice a little more control because I don’t know about you but I go out fast which is great if you are running a 5K but not so great if you are running a 42K.  I have also found that as I run these last few miles, I struggle.  I struggle with nerves and side pains and leg aches.  But I think this is normal.  I always heard that if you have bad dress rehearsals you’ll have a good show.  So that is what I’m going for because I really think most of it is nerves, I’m prepared for this.

1670 miles is the amount of miles I have to travel in order to get to the starting line, halfway across the country.  I am ready to travel and see my family and friends, I know it will be great to see everyone.  As I watched some of the television coverage of the memorial service that happened this past Saturday (April 19) in Oklahoma, I was reminded again why I run.  As I watch television each night leading okcmarathonchairup the Boston Marathon, I am reminded why I run.  For me it is for the people who cannot whether they were hurt badly in Boston or Oklahoma, or were killed by the two senseless acts, we are a people who overcome and persevere.  I also run for myself.  Not to be self-centered, but I run because of how it makes me feel.  That feeling of accomplishment as I push through one goal and achieve another, go farther than ever before, do things I never, ever thought I could.  I run to get out of my head.  As a person who has struggled with past traumas and battled depression, I run for my mental health.  Believe it or not running motivates me and refreshes my inner soul.

And finally there is the 26.2 miles that may seem like the end but is really only another step in this running adventure.  They say the marathon does not begin at the starting line the day of the race but it starts the day you started running.  I didn’t always think I could or would run a marathon but here I am signed up, trained and feeling pretty ready for this next 26.2.


8 thoughts on “775.50, 11.5, 1670, 26.2

  1. Sounds like your training and preparation are all going to pay off on the day. Hoping you have a wonderful taper week, full of confidence and happy anticipation. Safe travels over those 1670 miles to get to the starting line 🙂

  2. Kick some butt in Oklahoma. I ran a few marathons nearly twenty years ago. How about sending some good energy to a graying slogger in Pennsylvania. Peace and (I was about to say “break a leg,” but that would hardly do) best, John

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