National Running Day and Juneathon 4/30

runningdayHappy National Running Day!  It’s great to say it but is it just me that we keep celebrating these unusual holidays that we have never had before?!  I don’t even remember a national running day last year.  Oh well.  To me every day should be national running day or at least a day that we focus on eating better and living better.

What did I do for National Running day and Juneathon 2014?  Well I can start out and say I didn’t get a run in, which makes me sad.  😦  I am really feeling the pain of yesterday’s hilly run with my running club.  So I would like to say that I came home a did an ab workout followed by some squats, which is what I had planned.  In reality, the only workout I got today was about 5 trips up and down the three flights of stairs at my office.  When I think about it that is a pretty good work out in dress clothes!  So I am counting it!

Juneathon update:runningday1

5 trips up and down 3 flights of concrete stairs at a pretty good pace (that’s equal to 15 flights right?!).  If I had my garmin on, I am sure it would have said at least an 8 or 9 min mile pace.

Happy 4th day of Juneathon and Happy National Running Day!


Love to hear your thoughts.....

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