What I love about Friday’s and Day 6/30

love3I love what I do during the week on a daily basis for work but there is nothing like a Friday.  For me Friday’s mean a short day at work and if I want, time to run or maybe even do nothing.

What I loved about this Friday is the fact that this is the first weekend we have been home in over a month so it meant not having to do anything!

I love being able to go run errands early when others are still at work so there are no lines or waiting.  I love that I am home early and can get started on chores around the house that usually consume Saturday’s.  I love that even when I do all of that I still have time to take a nap if I want (or if the cats would leave me alone long enough to do it).  I also love the opportunity to cook dinner and have it ready when everyone gets home so we can eat and then head off to our local ice cream stand early.  And I love when the weather cooperates and we can open up the windows and doors and relax as the days last longer and it is still light at 8:30 pm.   Oh and I love the idea that I can stay up late (if I want) and sleep in tomorrow!

My Juneathon update is not incredible but it is something:vacuuming

10 minutes of vacuuming

5 minutes of mopping

30 minutes of running up and down the stairs putting things where they need to go

45 minutes trying to take a nap!