Run and Done – 10/30

Sometimes I feel like my days are like this.  Work and Done.  Run and Done.  Eat and Done.  Ready for Bed and Done!  I guess this means I’m busy.  I feel like it is a good thing but as I look back at my day I start to think, this is not how I want to do things.  I prefer, Working and enjoying, running and relaxing, enjoying dinner with family and relaxing, and time for bed and being grateful for a wonderful day.

Today was a Run and done kind of day.  But that does not mean I didn’t enjoy it, I guess it means that maybe it went faster than usual and was packed.

Work was good and busy and then I had to get home, get a run in, shower and be ready to leave to go to trivia night with Dave’s work.  I am proud to say I was able to get it done and now that I look back at it, I did enjoy it.  I was happy to spend time with people from Dave’s job eating, relaxing and some trivia (of which I got NONE of the answers correct but we still got 2nd place, with the other team from Dave’s work getting first).    So I guess sometimes a Run and Done type of night is okay too!

Juneathon update:

3 mile recovery run at the gym (8:50 pace)

Some light stretching and then running to the showers to get moving.

Happy 10th day of Juneathon!  A third of the way done!