Stairs – 11/30

stairsStairs count don’t they?  I know a very weird question but as I sit here at the end of a long day on the couch, I’m trying to figure out my exercise for the day.  So in pop’s that question, do stairs count?  I work on the third floor of a building and I find myself going up and down the stairs quite a few times a day (cause elevators are not for me!).  I also get up at least once an hour and walk people to the door and get my next client.  So I guess at the end of a long day like today my only exercise was work related and I am counting it!

Juneathon Update:

3 flights of stairs –  5 times today

11 hour day so at least 22 times up and down and walking to the door (which is about 50 feet away).

I think I deserve some feet up on the couch and time to relax!

Happy 11th day of Juneathon!