Friday the 13th… 13/30

guUsually this day is filled with thoughts of “what is going to happen”  after all it is friday the 13th.  It is a day to do something interesting because after all these friday the 13th’s don’t happen all the time and the moon is going to be full too.  So I would like to say, I completed a run for my life outside or maybe even a staying inside moment shaking in my boots out of fear (okay maybe not that one) but some sort of exercise.  But really all I did was work, run some errands (not really run but lots of walking and lifting with groceries), hanging out with the family over dinner, and then an evening stroll through our local sporting goods store to buy some new running stuff and gu.  I guess I did a little exercise when trying on the new sports bra.  It doesn’t matter how small you are, squeezing and wriggling one’s body into one of those bras is sometimes overwhelming.

So my friday the 13th Juneathon looks something like this:

Regular up and down stairs and client meetings all day

Walking through several stores shopping and carrying groceries in and putting them away

Some wriggling into a new sports bra

and just for fun a one minute plank to say I actually did some organized exercise.

I promise tomorrow will be more but what can you expect from a rest day!

This is really why I need to run tomorrow.  Yummy smore's cupcake!  I shared it a little.

This is really why I need to run tomorrow. Yummy smore’s cupcake! I shared it a little.

Happy 13th day of Juneathon!


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