Long run Monday – 16/30

gymMy tap class is over for the summer (well I have recital on Saturday and Sunday, wish me luck!) but I now have to come up with things to do on Monday’s for exercise.  Since yesterday was filled with a hike, today was a long run day.  Originally I was going to my local rail trail when I got out of work but it was in the 80’s and I decided the gym was a better idea.  So off I went to the gym and then in the dressing room I was changing only to find out I had let my socks at home.  Nice!  So off to the house which is less than a mile a way where I changed and almost decided it was to much of a pain to go back but I did.  Gotta get that long run in!

Not a real big treadmill fan when it is so nice outside but I did run next to the window where I could at least look out at the sky and sun.  It just needs to be cooler to run 8 miles.  I wonder if anyone else has this problem but when I got done I looked like I had just taken a shower.  Not to gross you out but I was dripping sweat.  I am fairly certain my body is doing a great job cooling itself off, now I’m spending the evening drinking lots and lots of water to re-hydrate.treadmill2

Tomorrow is another run with my running club, hoping it goes well.

So today’s juneathon update:

8 treadmill miles at a 8:34 pace and probably lost a pound in water weight! (summer is here!)

Happy 16th day of Juneathon.