Evening Trail Run/Race – 17/30

lakedennison1Today was my first trail run/race.  My running club put on a race at a local lake.  If you are keeping track that is officially two running club run/races I have participated in.  Woo hoo, really smashing that goal of getting more involved with my running club!

Anyway it was difficult to say the least.  When we started it was in the mid-80’s with pretty high humidity, not really ideal conditions to be running but at least it was going to be in the woods so I knew it would be a little cooler.  All I can say is trail runs are not my favorite.  At least this first experience was not my favorite.  There was a point where I thought, I would really like some asphalt and traffic right now cause these mysterious holes in the grass and the thick sandy soil I’m running through is killing me!  But not to be a whiner, I did enjoy the experience.  I know there are a lot of different trails out there that are probably in better shape, but it was fun to be experiencing my first one with my running club.  Plus it was a bonus that I could dip my feet (or for some their whole body) in the lake after the race to cool off.

I’m glad I got the run in and I’m really trying to adjust to the warmer temp runs.  I know I will just get use to them and then it will cool off which I will be okay with.

Juneathon update:lakedennison

4.03 mile trail run, 7:57 pace

3rd woman overall, 10th overall out of the 35 people.

I hope you had a great June/Juneathon 17th!