Dress Rehearsal… 19/30

tapLet the countdown begin… tonight was dress rehearsal night for my tap performance on Saturday and Sunday.  During my tossing and turning last night (which I think should count for Juneathon exercise), I kept stressing about the dance.  Really 2 minutes in front of about 300 people each day and I’m freaked out.  All I could think about today was, “I wish it was a marathon!”  Funny how I would rather do something that takes at least 4 hours instead of a 2 minute tap dance.  Wow, I need to work on some self-confidence!

I guess you know what I will be doing as a part of my exercise tomorrow night and for Saturday and Sunday.  Practicing all night in the basement tomorrow and a total of 4 minutes of dance on saturday and sunday!

Other good news is that when this dance is over, there will less than 10 days of Juneathon left and I will be able to focus on a new marathon that signed up for which is in October.    Why am I such a crazy tap dancing running therapist!  Never a dull moment in my life!Dress-Rehearsal

Juneathon update:

1 hour of tap dancing at dress rehearsal

All night stress and tossing and turning.

Happy 19th day of Juneathon!