Cross training… 23/30

cross trainingWhat does it mean for you to cross train?  To me it means anything but running.  So tonight that is what I did.  I began the cross training things I did when I was training to run my last marathon.  I do know that this time I will have to spice it up a little more because quite frankly I began to hate cross training days.  So if you have any great cross training routines you do, please, please, let me know.

Here is what I did for my cross training tonight:

5 mile stationary bike ride

3- 1 minute planks

3 sets of 15  – clam shells each leg, leg lifts each leg

3 sets of 10 – alternating leg bridges

3 sets of 30 – crunches, side crunches

90 squats – 30 no weight, 60 – 5lb weight

3 sets of 12 -(arms) – bent-over rows, bicep curls, some other arm exercises that I can’t remember the name of!

3 sets of 30 alternating legs – walking lunges (10lbs in each hand)

3 sets of 12 – leg presses (140lbs, 160lbs, 180lbs) and calf raises (same weight)

And some stretching and cool down at the end.

Wow, it looks like a lot when I write it down but I was only at the gym for an hour.

So give me your cross training ideas so I can spice things up a little!

Happy 23rd day of Juneathon!

Oh wait, look at the cool new medal I got in the mail today from my May 4th virtual race I completed.  So cool isn’t!