Finding Space

spaceHow do you do it?  How do you find space for yourself?  I currently live in a house full of people.  There are usually only two and at times three but she is usually off at college.  Right now I find myself with 4 people in a small house and two large cats.  Sometimes I just need to find some space.  I often find it difficult though and I begin to become resentful.  Resentful that I have been invaded with no end in sight for one and the other will be going back to school at the end of August.  In my head I’m screaming “I want my house back!” but on the outside I am just a grump-a-saurusrex.

So how do you find space… I have found going to work is my space.  It’s my little closet/office that I can close the door and look out the window and relax a little.  I say a little because I only get to do this for a short amount of time due to having clients all day long but I will take it.

I find space in my car.  It’s like my own personal living room.  The windshield is my tv where I look out and see what crazy things people do and sometimes I just shake my head while at other times I talk out loud to myself usually directed at them!

Best of all, space is discovered when I am out on a run.  I don’t listen to music.   I listen to my feetrun hitting the ground.  I listen to what my body is trying to tell me with the various pains and adjust in response.  I listen to the sounds of nature or if at the gym the sounds of unusual silence.  I know weird right.  The gym is quiet but only because all the people, usually about 20 people, are all plugged into headphones and no one is talking.  They are all focused on what they are doing.  Maybe this is their way of finding space.

Sometimes I find I need more space than other times.  This does not mean I don’t love my family, it means I need to take time to take care of myself.  I find I do this best when I have had some “me time”.  I always encourage my clients to take some time for themselves because if they are not in great space, then they can become grump-a-saurusrexs and I don’t know about you but that is not my favorite feeling in the world.

I encourage you to take some space.  I’m going to try and find some more space for myself this week so I am easier to live with in my little house with lots of people and my two big boned cats.

How do you find space for yourself?