So I guess all my regular readers know what that means.  If not, I will explain.  Today I went for a long run and I had no leg cramps until the very end.  Yippee!  The ones that happened at the end were not even that bad, oh and I should mention that the cramps were around mile 17.5 and I was able to last until 18.2, which was where I wanted to stop and I think they only came because I stopped.  The best part is that I ran 8 miles yesterday so I even got a marathon in this weekend.

Today’s run had me with a camelback water carrier.  I have never run with anything on my back and it was interesting.  I was very concerned that I would have some chafing because it was up around my neck but that did not happen, which I am very thankful for.  I came up with the idea to run with the backpack because my other half is studying for a test in a few weeks and I wanted him to be able to study while I went on my long run.  (I remember how stressed I was before I took my LMHC exam back in march and he really needs these weekends so he can pass on the first try.  Like me but I’m not bragging.)

My new hydration friend!

My new hydration friend!

Anyway, I can honestly say my run today was wonderful.  It was very hot like in the low 80’s by the time I finished but I really liked it.  There were points of it that I was able to relax and look around at the scenery.  I even met someone at mile 9 that was just out running for fun.  It was his mile 3 but we were able to chat for a few moments and by mile 10 (his 4th mile) he was turning around to go home to spend the day with his kids and I was over halfway done.  Yippee!  We wished each other good luck in our upcoming events, his a 26.2 mile walk for charity and mine, well we all know that it’s several races before the marathon in October.  I love the running community because we want to see each other succeed so much!

Then at mile 15, I passed a friend I had not seen in a year who was out for a walk with her two very young daughters.  It was so fun to see them and I was able to stop and spend a few moments catching up.  Oh and I was very thankful for the break before the last 5K to the car.

Yesterday's run and today's run with my new hydration buddy.

Yesterday’s run and today’s run with my new hydration buddy.

Now looking back, I think I have hit on some good nutrition.  I mixed the endurolytes with my water in my camelback and had more than enough to make it through.  I am not sure how this will translate to actual races because there is no way I want to carry that backpack in races but the good news is, I know I could do it if I needed to.

I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and taking advantage of the free chair massage at my gym.  I think my back muscles will need it with the extra weight I put on it today.

How was your weekend?  Any Yippee moments?  Please share I love to hear about accomplishments whether big or small.

2 thoughts on “Yippee

  1. I have the same concerns about running with a backpack, glad to hear it worked for you! My big yippee moment this weekend was running 5 miles for the first time in years! It encourages me to keep training and to reach my goal. 18.2 miles is amazing…good job!!

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