I tried to fly…

flyToday I tried to fly and I failed.  Ok, I didn’t know I was going to go flying but it was an epic failure when I tried to do it.  I guess maybe I should say I had no net, no wings, and no force to get me off the ground but my legs.  Oh maybe I should let you know that I had not planned the event either.

It all started when I was leaving work and it was pouring rain outside.  I unlocked my car and thought okay time to make a run for it.  I went down the stairs and quickly started to run towards my car.  That’s when it happened…I found myself flying through the air, coming out of my shoes and barely able to catch myself with my hand before landing on the ground and getting very wet (the one thing I want to avoid).  First thing I thought of was, have I hurt anything that would cause me to have to stop running.  The answer was no, but because I came out of my shoes, I did get a stubbed toe that hurt a little.  Then when I made it to the car, shaking because of my epic failure to fly, I was glad that no one was around to watch me do a face plant in the parking lot.  Now as I sit here, getting sore from my failure to fly, I start to think, can you get whiplash from something like this.  I think the answer is yes.  Just like any accident my neck is stiff from the sudden jarring and my shoulder that was carrying my belongings is sore.  But the good news is, hopefully with a little ibuprofen and an early to bed tonight I will feel better tomorrow.

So what did I learn… I can’t fly!  Oh and maybe walking in the rain will keep you dryer than trying to run in the rain!

I really did have a good day though and I hope you did too!


5 thoughts on “I tried to fly…

  1. Oh no! I’ve “hydroplaned” while walking before and had those cartoonish flailing reactions as my heart skips a beat or two, but I’ve never been airborne. Glad you didn’t injure anything! Fingers crossed the whiplash goes away soon!

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