Don’t let someone take your happy!

happy4Today I was standing in line at Walmart and the person in front of me was buying something to eat from the deli.  I am assuming it was his dinner.  Well his card was declined.  He asked the cashier to put the transaction on hold while he went to the ATM to check his account.  I was the next customer in line and the cashier was struggling with how to end the previous transaction.  That is when I told him to just put his purchase on my tab.  The cashier was confused but I said don’t worry about it, I don’t mind paying for it.  In fact for me, it was a great opportunity to “pay it forward”.

I’m not saying this to brag and say look at me.  I’m more telling you because I felt really good, really Happy after I did this simple thing and then it happened.  I was driving home and this person driving almost hit me and then came roaring up and around me honking.  I started to get really upset.  I was driving with the flow of traffic and I was just the one he chose to pick on.  And I let him almost take my happy. happy3

I think there are moments in our day when we let others affect us so much that our once happy moods can change quickly.  We give others the power to change our thoughts, our enjoyment.  But the good news is, we don’t have to.  We have the power to control our thoughts, our reactions to things/events.  We have the power to not let someone take our Happy!

Today I just thought about the moment at Walmart and put into perspective that maybe the person driving so crazy needed to be somewhere fast for an emergency (at least I hope it was one because he was driving like it!).  No one was going to take my Happy!happy2


3 thoughts on “Don’t let someone take your happy!

  1. This is something I definitely need to remember! My day can be so easily ruined by some random thing, and I need to not let people steal my happy so easily. Thanks for this post! 🙂

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