I broke my promise…

promisesI broke my promise to myself that I would not run for the week after the marathon.  Well, today I broke it!  And you know what?  I’m okay with it.  I just did a very slow dreadmill run of 4 miles and then lots of stretching when I was done.  I think I broke down because Sunday’s marathon was so good, my recovery has gone well with just a few aches and pains (which the massage helped) and I just wanted to get back to something I love (oh and there is the pesky half marathon I have on November 16th that is on my mind too).

I was reading a lot of posts about marathon recovery (after all it is marathon season so there are lots of people writing about it).  I read that you are supposed to wait a day for every mile you run.  26 days!  What!  I don’t think I could not run for 26 days!  Really I thought I was doing good to not run until 4 days after.  I do however promise to take it easy.  I know I have the conditioning to run, feel pretty ready for Vegas on the 16th but I have to do something!

I have been looking at some core workouts to start doing.  I really feel like this is a weakness that I have.  I work on my core most of the time but for the past month leading up to the marathon I was slacking to get the miles in.  Anyone have any good core workouts they do?  Also I think I am going to continue to focus on my hips and stretching.  They have been a little achy since the marathon but really I am in pretty good shape.

So in all… promise broken but really have no issue with it.  Still in recovery mode, taking it easy and will probably not run again until Saturday or Sunday and hopefully those miles will be outside.

Please feel free to provide me with some great core workouts or other stretching exercises that you love and think I should try.


6 thoughts on “I broke my promise…

  1. Way to go on your Baystate marathon! While that “day off per mile ran” gets mentioned in our running club all the time, no one does it. Three or four days and we’re back on the road, sore, but happy to be out running.

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