gratitude10Tomorrow is the biggest day of year that those of us in the United States hopefully spend some moments talking about what we are grateful for.  I say hopefully because sometimes I think we forget about what the holiday of thanksgiving is about.  Saying “thank you”, appreciating what you have been given and the little things in life.

This week I spent some time each day in my therapy groups, requiring each one of my group members to talk about what they are thankful for.  I challenged them to think deeper.  Look at the small things because sometimes it is the small things that are really the big things.

I love having this opportunity to challenge my clients and see how they respond, mainly because they inspire me.  I heard things from grateful for my sobriety, to having the trust back with family, to being happy about health and how well they feel today, as well as happy to be alive.

I also chatted with my clients to discuss how they felt after doing this activity.  My clients commented about how this made them feel and the general feeling was very good.  I asked them “why do you not do this more often, think about things that make your life great.”  That could not be answered but it became a challenge.  Why not do it every day?!  I talked to them about how I make a list every day of at least 3 things that I am grateful for and I don’t use the same things each week.  This is quite a challenge and really makes me think beyond the obvious.  gratitude11

This is my challenge for everyone.  Why wait for one day a year to be grateful?  Why not practice it each day?  I promise you, life will change for you, your outlook on things will change, and you will be more grateful for everyday life.