2014, was a good year!

20141Well let’s recap 2014 which for me was a great year.  I hope you had a wonderful year too.

My running goals that I set last year were:

  1. Complete my first trilogy of half-marathons hosted by BA Events Completed! Get my free jacket at my next half marathon in February!  Yeah!!!!  Achieved!!
  2. Run my second marathon and make it a much better marathon than my first in regards to preparation. – Well that one did not go as planned due to a 2 hour rain delay but I did run a 3rd marathon and set a new PR and met a new friend. Achieved!!
  3. Continue with my at least one race a month so I have a goal for each month to keep me motivated to run. – Ran a total of 14 races this year. Achieved!!!
  4. Actively participate in my new running club (all signed up but haven’t done a run with them) – Ran with my new club through the spring and summer and stopped while training for my fall marathon. I will get back involved starting the spring this year.  Achieved!!!

    All the bling from the year but not all the races that I ran.  Love the medals.

    All the bling from the year but not all the races that I ran. Love the medals.

  5. Enjoy running! – Doing good with this one so I would say Achieved!!!
  6. New goal but think it is worth talking about since it was unplanned: Completed a total of 1197.59 miles this year, went through 4 pairs of running shoes and stayed uninjured and mostly interested in running. (PS – I was trying to figure out how I could finish the last few miles to hit 1200 but Wednesday is a rest day so just gonna have to settle and make it a new goal for 2015)
Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

There were some things that happened throughout the year that did not involve running, believe it or not.  I bought my first house and good news is that I already live here so didn’t have to move.  I’d say that is a win.  Also I got a new job in February and I love it even after almost my first full year.  Never gets old!

One of the biggest things that happened was getting my Mental Health Counselor’s License.  This is such a process that doesn’t even happen until at least 2 years after grad school and I am so happy to be done with it.  Oh and with it came a great raise which made me love my job even more (wink, wink)!

I also had a word of the year.  Last year’s was acceptance.  I think I put it into good practice.  When I struggled to finished the marathon in OKC, I accepted that it was going to take all I had to get to the end and practiced acceptance at how horrible it felt at the end.  In my work I accepted the fact that I could not control my day and had to learn to relax and let things happen (which is hard for a control freak by the way).  I also think that the word acceptance helped me to learn to take better care of myself.  I added a massage a month to my training plan and had to accept that it would be expensive but find it vital in keeping me relaxed and motivated (it might have to be more than once a month now that I started training for my next marathon but let’s not tell Dave.)

Stay tuned for goals for 2015 and really have to pick out a new word for the year, any suggestions?!  I’m really looking forward to 2015 how about you?

“We get to pick our treasures”

I read this blog this morning that I found linked through someone else’s and thought it was to good not to share.  It is all about picking our treasures.  It is rather short so just click on the link and enjoy.  I think it will be great perspective to remember during this holiday season.



Photo Credit: Margot Lied



My fortune at my work Christmas party. I thought it was great and fitting!

I don’t know about you but this time of the year I find myself beyond overwhelmed.  It is really all I can do to finish work, fix dinner for the fam, and get some rest to start it all over the next day.  I get so excited when it is the weekend but before I know it, BAM, it’s time to start it all over again.  Today I was so happy that I got out of work at 12pm.  I was able to come home and fix myself a hot lunch, which is unusual because I usually eat a sandwich real quick between clients.  I find that this doesn’t help the overwhelmed feeling.

Today, I was able to put a word to what I was feeling.  I thought it was stress but really I didn’t have a lot to be stressed about because Dave was doing most of the Christmas shopping and thanks to the internet I have been able to do a little in the evening.  But today I just decided it was the emotions that happen this time of year when you don’t live close to your family, you want to do so many things, and you want to keep your level of work performance really high especially when your clients are really struggling.  So instead of stressed out, I call it being overwhelmed.  I find that my overwhelmed person tends to pull back from all social media, spends alone time on the verge of tears (yes, even a therapist has emotional times), and just not exercising like I should (which probably would help the verge of tears self!).

So now that I realize it and the Christmas season is just at its most stressful/overwhelming period I have to make a plan.  Dave mentioned to me that I haven’t been blogging very much so maybe I should use my blog for what I intended (a place to talk) and focus back on what is important.  If I don’t get that perfect gift for someone, it’s not going to be a big deal.  If I go for that long run and miss an event it is not going to be that big of a deal, because I do better when I allow myself some time to meditate while I run.  I need to take the pressure off myself.  Time to get back to some basics.

Me and Judy before the Jingle Bell 5K - My fun little Ms. Claus outfit.

Me and Judy before the Jingle Bell 5K – My fun little Ms. Claus outfit.

I did find myself more relaxed last Sunday after the Jingle Bell 5K with my marathon friend.  It was great to run with a friend and 5500 of my closest running friends.  I felt sheer joy to be doing something I love.

Are you feeling like me?  Maybe it is time for you to take a break too.  What is your plan?

Letting go…

Last night we were off to see my daughter dance as a part of the University Dancers.  These are dance majors who try out to be in their dance teacher’s pieces.  Not everyone makes it but those that do, do a wonderful job.  My daughter was able to be a part of her Dean’s piece and to top it all off it was his last dance piece because he is leaving the University to be the Chair of the a dance department in Hong Kong (how cool is that!).

She made the program.  On the far left!  Too cool.

She made the program. On the far left! Too cool.

Anyway, it was this really cool piece where they had to dance with lights and spotlight themselves as they danced and also each other.  I loved the portrayal of connectedness in the universe.  We are all connected.  I have never really been a dancer (well I’ve been taking tap dancing for about 6 years but still learning) but I love art and art expression and to me most of these dance pieces touched me in one way or another.

What I really love is being able to watch my daughter dance and do something she loves.  You can just tell this is how she expresses herself.  I miss seeing this on an almost daily basis.  When she was growing up, I was always a part of her dance studio.  I was able to watch her pieces develop and then watch them be mastered and displayed on stage.  I miss that but I’m so glad she has found a place that fits her so well.

So now in her second year at college I find I am still adjusting to her being away.  I miss not being a part of her life every day.  I also miss watching her grow as a dancer and performer.  I do find it is easier than last year but it is strange raising a child and then letting them go to spread their wings.  I can honestly say it is not easy but I try to have confidence that because of her upbringing she will make good decisions.  So far so good!  I think I need to work a little more at letting go.  But really the only thing that helps someone when they are letting go is time.  No rush through time here!  I’m gonna cherish everything.

A lot about nothing…

jen&surag- smile a lot, it costs nothingIn an effort to write more often I thought I would just write a post about nothing.  Okay you can’t really write about nothing.  I guess just in the shear act of writing makes it about something.  So here goes…

Today in my group, my client’s and I discussed changing our thoughts and learning reframing.  This is a common topic in addiction and recovery.  The thought being that if we can change our thinking to more positive than when negative things happen in our lives we won’t immediately turn to what we used to escape our situation while also learning to find the more positive in every situation.  I’m not sure whether everyone bought into what I was teaching well in fact I am sure that not everyone did because at one point I had a client say, “I usually like what you teach but today I’m bored and just don’t get it.”    I don’t know whether you have ever had this happen to you but it can be hard to keep going when you meet resistance like that.  But on I pushed because that is what I do.

Then after meeting with all my clients and getting out of work a little early, I headed to the gym for my run.  While on the treadmill my glutes where screaming at me (I am sure it is due to yesterday’s weighted lunges), “I just don’t get it, why do you have to be so mean to us.  All we do is carry you around all day and you subject us to torture.”  But yes, you guessed it when met with resistance, I pushed on.  Got in 5 miles worth of speedwork alternating between running at 7 and then up to 7.5 or higher at alternating laps up to 10 at the end (only .10 at that speed but it always does me in).

So now I sit.  The idea of walking is not even a thought.  I spent a lot of time rolling this evening but my glutes kind of hate me right now.  I’m okay with that because what they don’t know is that marathon training number 4 starts soon.  (Anyone else say, holy crap #4, I can hardly believe it myself).

I don’t really have a lot going on right now other than trying to figure out when I am going to go shopping for Christmas.  All 5 of my trees are up, the house is completely decorated and the gentle snow that happened this evening has me in the spirit.

Are you ready for Christmas or this holiday season? 

See I told you it was a post about nothing!  Have a wonderful evening.allornothing