A lot about nothing…

jen&surag- smile a lot, it costs nothingIn an effort to write more often I thought I would just write a post about nothing.  Okay you can’t really write about nothing.  I guess just in the shear act of writing makes it about something.  So here goes…

Today in my group, my client’s and I discussed changing our thoughts and learning reframing.  This is a common topic in addiction and recovery.  The thought being that if we can change our thinking to more positive than when negative things happen in our lives we won’t immediately turn to what we used to escape our situation while also learning to find the more positive in every situation.  I’m not sure whether everyone bought into what I was teaching well in fact I am sure that not everyone did because at one point I had a client say, “I usually like what you teach but today I’m bored and just don’t get it.”    I don’t know whether you have ever had this happen to you but it can be hard to keep going when you meet resistance like that.  But on I pushed because that is what I do.

Then after meeting with all my clients and getting out of work a little early, I headed to the gym for my run.  While on the treadmill my glutes where screaming at me (I am sure it is due to yesterday’s weighted lunges), “I just don’t get it, why do you have to be so mean to us.  All we do is carry you around all day and you subject us to torture.”  But yes, you guessed it when met with resistance, I pushed on.  Got in 5 miles worth of speedwork alternating between running at 7 and then up to 7.5 or higher at alternating laps up to 10 at the end (only .10 at that speed but it always does me in).

So now I sit.  The idea of walking is not even a thought.  I spent a lot of time rolling this evening but my glutes kind of hate me right now.  I’m okay with that because what they don’t know is that marathon training number 4 starts soon.  (Anyone else say, holy crap #4, I can hardly believe it myself).

I don’t really have a lot going on right now other than trying to figure out when I am going to go shopping for Christmas.  All 5 of my trees are up, the house is completely decorated and the gentle snow that happened this evening has me in the spirit.

Are you ready for Christmas or this holiday season? 

See I told you it was a post about nothing!  Have a wonderful evening.allornothing