Letting go…

Last night we were off to see my daughter dance as a part of the University Dancers.  These are dance majors who try out to be in their dance teacher’s pieces.  Not everyone makes it but those that do, do a wonderful job.  My daughter was able to be a part of her Dean’s piece and to top it all off it was his last dance piece because he is leaving the University to be the Chair of the a dance department in Hong Kong (how cool is that!).

She made the program.  On the far left!  Too cool.

She made the program. On the far left! Too cool.

Anyway, it was this really cool piece where they had to dance with lights and spotlight themselves as they danced and also each other.  I loved the portrayal of connectedness in the universe.  We are all connected.  I have never really been a dancer (well I’ve been taking tap dancing for about 6 years but still learning) but I love art and art expression and to me most of these dance pieces touched me in one way or another.

What I really love is being able to watch my daughter dance and do something she loves.  You can just tell this is how she expresses herself.  I miss seeing this on an almost daily basis.  When she was growing up, I was always a part of her dance studio.  I was able to watch her pieces develop and then watch them be mastered and displayed on stage.  I miss that but I’m so glad she has found a place that fits her so well.

So now in her second year at college I find I am still adjusting to her being away.  I miss not being a part of her life every day.  I also miss watching her grow as a dancer and performer.  I do find it is easier than last year but it is strange raising a child and then letting them go to spread their wings.  I can honestly say it is not easy but I try to have confidence that because of her upbringing she will make good decisions.  So far so good!  I think I need to work a little more at letting go.  But really the only thing that helps someone when they are letting go is time.  No rush through time here!  I’m gonna cherish everything.